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Remember car rides when you were a kid, when you knew you were going to get there but the agony of the wait was unbearable?   That feeling stretched out  over a year.  Can't believe we've made it so long.   

But we've had it better than most.  We've put out three albums in the last nine months, played a few hit and runs, and kept somewhat busy while generally stewing in frustration. 

Suspicious Lesions came out just as the world shut down.  While we weren't able to tour it around, we eventually  joined with Aldora Britain Records to get it some international exposure.

We put out Live at the Copper Bowl sometime in the fall, around the time we realized livestreams weren't keeping us satisfied.  

On a snowy Monday in September we pulled in Joe Corrado and holed up at the Moose Creek Cabin on the Helena National Forest.  Like the Hateful Eight without the blood.  Over three days we put together what is now Exile on Moose Creek.    

We'll be out there as soon as it's safe, and we want to see you all so bad. It's damn near over.   You can smell it in the air.   And when the world opens up again we're all going to get together and sing til they cut the lights.

Stay on target, Agents. 

Almost there.


Jeff & Justin