After years of casual strumming and a shared devotion to the musical form, local acoustic rock n’ roll musicians Jeff Peterson and Justin Ringsak have coalesced their talents as a groove-heavy storytelling duo who front regular live performances around Southwest Montana and beyond.”

Kirk Vincent, the Bozone, October 1, 2018


The Road Agents are a Southwest Montana acoustic rock and roll duo.  We play upbeat original tunes on guitar and mandolin.  We write songs about places we've lived, the things we've done, and the things we imagine other people have done. 

We are primarily a live act, playing 40+ gigs around Montana each year.  Our discography so far includes one full LP, two living room EPs and one live album.  Exile on Moose Creek was released in December 2020.   Dreams of Stingrays, Roadrunners, and Hangovers was released in 2018.  Suspicious Lesions was released on February 29, 2020.  Live at The Copper Bowl was recorded in November, 2019.  Sample tracks are available on the Songs page. 

We can be found in the brewpubs, hot springs, saloons, and restaurants of Montana.  See the gigs page for when we're in your county, because we'll eventually get to them all.