The Road Agents are a brand of outlaw country unique to the Southwest Montana environment that produced them.  Hundreds of live performances across the state have seasoned the group's songs with the local flavor of the diverse regions where they were conceived.  Beneath the danceable rhythms and memorable melodies are poems and stories about the river valleys and mountain tops, and life in an environment that slips further away with each passing year.  

The band plays across Montana through every season, in saloons, festivals, brewpubs, hot springs, restaurants, and backyard barbecues.  The Road Agents' discography so far includes one full LP, two living room EPs and one live album.  Exile on Moose Creek was released in December 2020.   Dreams of Stingrays, Roadrunners, and Hangovers was released in 2018.  Suspicious Lesions was released on February 29, 2020.  Live at The Copper Bowl was recorded in November, 2019.  Sample tracks are available on the Songs page. 

See the gigs page for when the Agents in your county, because they'll eventually get to them all.