Latest News

Mark your  calendars for the Laughing Horse Lodge in Swan Lake on August 2.  Dinner reservations are required!  (406) 886-2080

September 11 we'll be in Sheridan at Rocky's Roadhouse, a new place that took over the Mill Creek Inn and put in a proper stage.

Everything else has been cancelled or postponed!  Keep a look out for online content because live is on life support.  

While you wait, you can also stream our new album , Suspicious Lesions.  It is available  on Spotify, iTunes, and Amazon Music.   Like rap before it, this collection of songs contains explicit lyrics, inaccurate medical references, singalongs about  poor decisions, and embellishments of  local historical events.  Suspicious Lesions includes backup singers, a fiddle, harmonica, and the snapping fingers of a blueberry farmer from Michigan. 

Check out our new audio streaming on the  Songs page, and our videos on the  Live Video page. 

We'll see you on the road.