Affiliated Musical Endeavors

Los Marvelitos  Justin's other family, Los Marvelitos, present cumbias de Montana-- original and traditional songs from south of the northern border. With a hint of hypnosis, their style combines borderland ballads and tropical cumbias with soulful surf and pirate jazz.  They're based in Helena but will travel if the winds are favorable.

Jeff Peterson Jeff plays solo while on vacation, and when Justin is in Asia, playing in his other bands, or blocked by weather.  Play some Road Agents, close your eyes, and imagine it without the mandolin and background vocals, and that's about what Jeff solo sounds like.  The difference will be a few songs Justin doesn't know about, and covers of Billy Joe Shaver and Anders Osborne songs.   

PunchTruck Long before the Road Agents, Jeff, Justin, and Joe played all over western Montana in an alt-country/rock band.  If you're worthy, you can still find a hard copy of 12th & Johnson, our studio album from 2001.  PunchTruck is dormant yet alive, and with its members creeping slowly back to the state, it will rise again on occasion.  If you see Leo, demand it. 

The Sean Eamon Band  Sean is our friend from Anaconda, and Justin plays bass in his band.  They've recorded two great albums - Fairy Tales and Broken Cigarettes, and Losing So Long

Mos Funnel  The avant-garde soul-bluesy hybrid is the primary musical outlet for the Road Agents' on-call lead guitar player, Joe Corrado.  Justin is a multi-instrumental member and Jeff is an occasional hired gun bassist on the road. Mos Funnel is currently based in Los Angeles and has released two albums - Mercury Saloon and Rhythmic American Poetry.

Crack Sabbath  Yet another of Justin's jobs, this is a Missoula-based Black Sabbath tribute band.